2021 ROZZI - R40/1700

Make: Rozzi

Model: R40/1700

Year: 2021

Colour: Red

Condition: New

Suited for a: 18-26 Ton Machine

Availability: SOLD.


Use: for loading different materials

Rotation: Yes

Rotation type: Hydraulic Rotate


- Connection link & pin can be made to order.

**Customers machine dimensions required**


A: 2460MM

C: 1960MM

D: 1300MM

E: 1070MM

L: 1700MM

Clamshell Grabs

The Clamshell buckets are hydraulic equipment which are available in two main categories:

- For digging: with vertical cylinders and the profile of the tines is designed to ensure a high penetration.

- For loading: with horizontal cylinders so as to reduce the overall height and geometric design of the tines allows maximum filling. The loading version is used for the movement of earth, sand, gravel, RDF, mud, cereals, coal, fertilizers, industrial and agricultural waste, minerals, etc.

All models can be supplied with or without teeth and equipped with hydraulic rotator. The steelwork and cylinders are made of high quality and durable materials while the blades, which are subject to abrasion, are in wear-resistant steel HB400/500. The pins and the bushings are made of special steel with heat treatment for hardening, so as to ensure a long life even under severe conditions and with poor lubrication  

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