A: 1000MM

B: 1430MM

C: 750MM

D: 920MM

E: 1620MM

F x G: 32x80MM

STOCK NO: 5020

Make:  Idrobenne

Model: PFO-5/250

Year: 2018

Weight: 330KG

Availability: SOLD

Orange peel grapple with 5 semi-closed tines, 250 litres capacity, with incorporated hydraulic rotator.

Tines: 5

Capacity: 250L

Weight: 330KG

Max Load: 2,500DaN

Max BAR: 220BAR

Technical Specifications:

Orange peel grabs series PFO are gripping devices with jaws which are set in motion by double-acting hydraulic cylinders, numbering from four to six, with a single hydraulic circuit and non-synchronous movement. Motion of the equipment is caused by driving-gear of the operating machine on which the attachment is installed.

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